Transcendent Threads

 From the farmer to the trendy Depopper, flannel has been a garment that has been accessible to many walks of life. My first flannel was from Kohl’s — it was teal blue and leprechaun green, and when I say that I wore that thing all the time, I mean I seriously wore it like every day. Since I received that flannel in 2010ish, my feelings on flannel have ebbed and flowed. I would be lying if I said I never gave up hope on my plaid, cozy, button-up buddies. Since then, I have seen flannel styled in ways I had never even imagined! So, I am going to offer how I personally feel on the classic, quintessential and versatile shirt: the button-up flannel. 

I am going gush about the oversized flannel. Oh, my love, I could write one million sonnets about thee. The oversized flannel is the rom-com of shirts: cozy, reliable, practical and everyone can enjoy it. Whether you bestow multiple layers for a swanky fall look or throw it on with some jeans to grab a meal, one thing remains true: you look peachy keen. If Brad Pitt was a shirt, he would definitely be a flannel. 

I must be honest, I have not always been a frequent passenger on the flannel train. If anything, for a while I grew to detest the innocent cloth. I started seriously wearing flannels during my 14-year-old years. When I was enamored by My Chemical Romance and an abundance of black eyeliner pencils . . . eeek! By the time I was a sophomore in high school, you would not see me sporting a flannel anywhere near campus. I associated it so deeply with angsty-ness of my 15-year-old self that I wanted nothing to do with. Although, to say that flannel is simply applicable to gothness is a dreadful understatement! Flannel can be anything you want it to be! You want to go over to your grandma’s house? Flannel. Want to take a nap but it’s too chilly? Flannel. Running out to grab some taco bell? Flannel. No Halloween costume? Grab a flannel, and you’re a cowboy. Methinks the lesson I learned is that, yes, 15-year-old angsty flannel exists, but so does an array of different and miraculous subdivisions of flannel. 

A trend I hold dear to my heart is babydoll flannel dresses. I love it all the more because it proves that flannel cannot be confined to the category of shirt! One of my most prized fall ensembles is a babydoll flannel dress, tights, some gold jewelry and leather shoes! Although, the beauty of it all is that anyone and everyone can make their own flannel ensemble, whether it be flannel pants, shirts, hats, socks or even flannel shoes! Well, I am not sure how durable or convenient they would be . . . but I would support you! No matter what style, place, temperature or event you are trying to dress for, flannel can be incorporated somehow, and that is beautiful.