What’s On Your iPod? Stuart Smith ’13

Stuart Smith

1. Periphery, “Zyglrox”

Periphery, the kings of the modern “djent” movement, grind together unintuitive rhythms and messy time signatures to achieve a sound more akin to a machine than a band. This track is basically one huge crescendo of dissonance leading up to a brilliant melodic outro. Perfect for getting amped up before a test.

2. Cult of Luna, “And With Her Came The Birds”

The Swedish godfathers of post-metal opt for a fragile acoustic melody and painfully-lethargic tempo here instead of their usual walls of sound. Too slow to listen to most of the time, but when I’m in the right mood there’s nothing better than this one.

3. Uniklubi, “Koko Talvi Kesämökillä”

This is perhaps the most energetic song I’ve ever heard. This song, a cover of Leevi and The Leavings’ classic track, is most notable simple because the Finnish language is gorgeous.

4. Arsonists Get All The Girls, “Violence In Fluid: Triceratops”

AGATG tends to be a weird band, due mostly to the fact that they like to echo their riffs with 8-bit keyboard. This track grinds for about three minutes before exploding into one of the funkiest keyboard riffs you’re likely to ever hear. Guaranteed to help you get your dance on.

5. Origin, “The Beyond Within”

Origin is undeniably a force in the modern metal technical death metal scene. This track manages to develop a serious groove while maintaining that façade of utter chaos. Not for the faint of heart.

6. 9Goats Black Out, “Sink”

Not a whole lot to say about this track. 9Goats is a Japanese band hell bent on keeping things as chill as possible. Great shower music.

7. Katatonia, “Deadhouse”

Katatonia’s Discouraged Ones is notable for being the last album on which Opeth vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt appears as a musician — he produced some of their later albums. Musically, this track smacks of old-school goth rock, but without losing sight of Katatonia’s signature drone.

8. The Ocean Collective, “Orosirian: For The Great Blue Cold Now Reigns”

The album from which this comes is a sonic interpretation of the Precambrian era. An interesting project, marred only by The Ocean’s awkward transition from doom-metal to a more atmospheric post-metal style. This track is far and away the best — and most savage — on the album.

9. The Boy Will Drown, “Dead Girls”

This my favorite track by the recently dissolved TBWD. The unnecessarily emotional melody at the end keep this track on constant repeat in my car.

10. Between the Buried and Me, “Selkies: The Endless Obsession”

Far and away my favorite track of all time. The sweeping guitar melodies will let you climb mountains. ‘Nuff said.