Credit Wear Credit is Due

Welcome back to the Depop chronicles. I believe this is my second piece regarding Depop? Although I love the resale app, I also get extremely frustrated with all of its glory. For those who are unaware, Depop is a trendy, hip, chic, teenybopper resale thrift-store app. Basically, anything you need, you can probably find on Depop. Although, recently there’s been a lot of hate towards people who hike up the price of originally not-that-expensive clothing. For example, let’s say I find a child’s tee-shirt at Goodwill and market it on Depop as a “y2k glam vintage crop top” — I’m gonna get some well-deserved hate. Also, people will find those shirts for less than $10 and hike them up to around $50. Again, they might receive some well-deserved hate. For a child’s shirt!  

Next, there’s some Brandy Melville-ers and Shein-ers. Now, there are two separate problems, I’ll discuss the Brandy people first. So, apparently, Brandy Melville is a piping hot commodity on Depop. People will re-sell their items for insane prices. However, Brandy Melville sells essentially doll clothes. Their clothes are all of the one-size-fits-all fallacy and aren’t necessarily great quality. So, it doesn’t fit, and if I try to make it fit, it rips — not a great business model. Now, I get it. If something goes out of stock, it’s going to be rare, but don’t try and convince me that an originally $25 hoodie is worth $75 because it’s not. 

Now, moving onto the Shein-ers. This one always seems to boggle my mind. So, if you aren’t aware, Shein is a fast-fashion company that copies expensive clothes from other brands, makes them,and sells them for extremely cheap. However, people on Depop will resell something that isn’t even out of stock on the Shein website for more than the original price. I DON’T UNDERSTAND! They’ll take an originally $7 tank top and resell it for $14! Why!? Oh, it bothers me so deeply. However, part of me understands that sometimes people need to make an extra little cash, so I’m trying not to intensely judge others. 

Despite all the nonsense that happens on that app, there is a lot of greatness. I whole-heartedly believe that buying second-hand is extremely important. It connects you to so many people and pieces that you would have never experienced before, both in giving and receiving second-hand clothes. I’ve been grateful to have found such magnificent pieces on Depop, such as sweaters, groovy pants, flowy dresses and so many one-of-a-kind pieces I would never find at Urban Outfitters or Forever21. There is nothing more beautiful than finding a piece that speaks to your soul at a thrift store. It’s magical! 

I’ll close out by talking about a lamp I found on Depop. Now … this is no ordinary lamp, it’s maybe the best lamp in the entire world. Better than any lamp you’ve ever seen before. Well … maybe, I suppose lamps are subjective, but whatever! I was looking for some cute decor for my dorm in the spring, and I found the perfect piece. I found a stained glass, miniature lamp. This lamp is light blue and emerald green with a hummingbird on it. I mean, could you even ask for more! So, yes, overall, I’m grateful for what Depop has bestowed upon me in the past years I’ve been on it, but some of the people are a little too wacky for me.