Cowboy Boots, I Love You

So, I have another dilemma. A fashion dilemma and a big one. It has to do with shoes and the fact that I want more than I can afford. I know what you’re thinking. Yes. This is a small dilemma. However, to me it is very important. Throughout my 20 years of life on this silly, little planet, I’ve never been a big shoe person. Of course, I always enjoyed buying a new pair for school or for a special occasion, but I never really freaked out about new shoes. However, recently, this has changed. I cannot keep my eyes off ‘em. The main couple of pairs I’ve been craving: a new pair of heeled clogs, Doc Marten Oxfords and the final contestant and perhaps the most beautiful … cowgirl boots! 

I’ve been swooning over the thought of having cowgirl boots for months now. The thought that I could possibly be perceived as having Dolly Parton energy only furthers my longing for the acclaimed boot. I’ve always kind of been fascinated with the Wild West and the denim and boots — it’s so beautiful to me. However, I’ve never really been out west. I’ve been to South Dakota but that’s still pretty mid-west-y. I would like to venture out to Montana, Wyoming, Arizona,and all the cowboy states. Imagine! If I had my cowgirl boots on, I would fit right in. I could sit down in a saloon and have some man in a 10-gallon hat tell me all his stories. Also, maybe I’m heavily romanticizing and overestimating the number of people who wear cowboy boots out west, but a girl can dream. 

Next, the Doc Marten Oxfords. Wow. I mean, they leave me in awe every single time. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the style, it’s the Doc Marten shoe that laces up. However, the one that I have a strong likening to is the Maroon style. I’m currently in a predicament, though. I’m thinking of selling my patent leather Doc Martens and then buying the Oxfords with the cash I get. However, part of me is struggling to let go of my old friends … or boots for that matter. It just feels like I’m letting go of a part of me. Even so, I know I must move on to a different phase at some point. It’s just that they have been held in such high regard in my mind for so long, and, now, I rarely wear them. Maybe I’m making this out to be more existential than it is — so, I listed them on Depop, and we’ll see what happens! 

Lastly, the Clog. Now, I own a couple of pairs of Birkenstock clogs — colloquially birkenclogs —, but these ones are different. These clogs are very out of my comfort zone! They have a heel and cut Mary Jane strap. I can’t get enough. They simply blow me out of the water every time. However, for some reason, I really want a new pair that has not been thrifted, so I should probably save up for a little before I buy them. These shoes make me feel like I’m in all of the “Mamma Mia!” movies. They are truly spectacular. It definitely fits a very “cottagecore” aesthetic, and I’m here for that. Recently, I’ve been trying to switch up my style, and I feel like these clogs would help do that, or, at least, they would bring me closer to a Meryl Streep “Mamma Mia!” vibe. 

Now, obviously, I don’t desperately need any of these shoes, and it’s probably really bad that I want them so much. Except, I know they would make me so intensely happy, and isn’t that what matters the most? Yeah. Well, I guess being more financially stable and having three fewer pairs of shoes would be pretty nice too … Ah! Who cares! I’m young. Also, it does seem kind of silly to invest in a bunch of shoes when I’m not even going out anywhere. Nevertheless, if buying a pair of dank, used and scuffed cowgirl boots leads me any closer to dancing around a bonfire with the Montana sunset, it’s worth it.