What’s on your mind, bird?

Pets are such a big part of our lives, but do you ever guess what they are thinking? Each week, I will take a different “pet” and write their “inner thoughts.” 

Uh, hello! Hello out there? Can you hear me? I am, trying, trying to speak? Yes. Wait, can you see me? Huh.  

Peacefully and gracefully I go hoppity hop on the branch and go buh buh buh on the ground my little feet scurry across the land and I think wow just go leap and soar and be a bird! What it’s like to be me, a robin. I mean it’s good I love it but especially late at night after a storm and then you just hear me go chirp chirp chirp as I feast on worms, worms everywhere. Or watch me play around like all the birds in the sky are my friends, yes.  

You aren’t watching me like I am so cute? Look up! Look at me! Stop it stoopid humans. Take out your ear plugs and stop looking at your phones. Look look look. I am nature. You pretend there is none here but hear me hear me when I say yes there is because I am and we are and pay attention to us!  

But sometimes I think that this school have so many strange animals…I tell these birds to get away from my nest and yes they do listen because they get it. But humans? I say: Peek! Peek! Tut tut tut. Peek peek! Tut tut tut. That means get away punks you hear me? This is my territory, NOT yours! That means back off. I know that I cool to spot but I am nature not a pet not your pet and I am not a part of this school so leave. My friends get it so why don’t yours? Learn our bird language, huh? Scram! They do not get this.  

One of my most favorite things to do around campus is to go on the highest tree branch and just squawk. Wow, good stuff! I especially like doing that in the wind, stationary soaring. These squirrels get too close to me but they don’t bother me other than take my food from the feeders.  

I am pretty sure I need to be scared of the eagles and seagulls and hawks and the geese and maybe the pelicans too. They are ginormous!! Did humans know that? And the seagulls are taunting and the others are just plain predators. But us robins look out for each other. We go Seeee! Seeeeeee! or Wee heee hee weeee hee heee all very staccato because we actually are quite super smart and we know how to live because it is our nature. 

We live all over Wisconsin and they love us so we are famous, did you know that? We are state bird! So we are royalty here and we say get away, everyone unless it’s a spring or summer morning in the front lawn and we go “Hello! Hello!!!!!!!! I love this placeeee” because it’s social hours for us birds and we say hi to the bunnies and we say hi, thanks, worms for your bodies and we just go around scurry scurry scurry and we are so smart we know that human is watching from the window and they think I am cool because I am state bird! Protect us at all costs, am I right?