Nose Piercings!

So, this week, I can’t help but think about piercings. Right? I’ve had my nose pierced for about…  what is it… 4 years now? I’m trying to recall the time I did it, and why I wanted it so badly. I feel like for the four years this little hoop in my nose has been with me I haven’t really acknowledged it all that much. I had the revelation as I looked in the mirror and almost got frightened by the sight of my pierced nose! I was so taken aback because I rarely acknowledge that it’s even there anymore. 

Perhaps a large reason I’m feeling this way is masks. I mean, no one new has seen my cute little nose hoop in over a year! That’s terrible! A travesty! Just kidding, there are for more pressing issues of the past year. However, I suppose a large reason why I wanted this little piercing in the first reason is to show it off to people. That’s the best part! The numerous questions such as “did that hurt? Wow, how long have you had it?” Or the compliments. Perhaps this is a narcissistic way to go about having a piercing but I simply cannot help it. I am me and I cannot change. But, I think my fellow three holed nosers can agree, it’s great when someone pays homage to the fact you had a needle shoved through your nose.  

That’s the next thing… the pain! You’d imagine it’d be excruciating, right? No! It was one of the most painless piercings… like ever. Perhaps it was the piercer, the atmosphere or maybe just the right place right time, but it was one of the most phenomenally painless piercings I ever have gotten. It was pretty spontaneous too. I remember it was the summer before my senior year of high school and we were at a friend’s house for a little late summer barbeque. I somehow really began wanting a piercing, at said barbeque, and the rest was history. My mother took me the next day and it was probably one of the most spontaneous, exciting and expensive moments. 

I remember walking and being amazed by the jewelry they had on display. I was used to Claire’s jewelry so maybe anything was bound to be an upgrade. However, this place had the most beautiful pieces. Gems, studs, hoops, barbells, of every color and every stone. I ended up going with a cluster of little white rhinestones. Unfortunately, one day in math class my senior year I was reaching for a pencil or something and I somehow knocked out my jewelry out of my freshly pierced nose. Which was honestly so devastating. I ended up finding the knocked out jewelry and subsequently dropped it again and lost it for good. Which … now that I’m retelling this story… is pretty embarrassing.  

All in all, I would say everyone should have a nose piercing. To me, they are the socks of the piercing world. Not everyone wears em’ but everyone should. They can be dressed up or dressed down AND they’re pretty practical. Well… maybe not… but they sure are fun. Also, if you’re in Chicago, Identity Body Piercing is the place I was referencing above with all the mesmerizing jewelry and I just feel so obligated to plug them because they’ve done a phenomenal job with all my piercings! Mwah!