To jorts or not to jorts

As the temperatures start rising, the long pants are being put away in the closet. Mostly, I’m ecstatic. Winter and COVID really were taking an intense toll on me. However, one qualm I have is that I don’t know which shorts are in style. Right? Is anyone else having this issue? Like… I feel as if I have the perfect winter wardrobe but when it comes to summer the one issue I find myself with is shorts! To my knowledge, I know denim is really really really in. SO, the safe bet is to probably stick with jorts. Which I have been, I love jorts. But, what about different styles of jorts. For example, I own a pair of paper bag waist jorts, but those don’t seem very “in” anymore and the LAST thing I want to be doing this summer is looking like a fool in the “wrong kind” of jorts.  

Just as a disclaimer, I think everyone should wear what they feel comfortable in, no matter what it is! However, sometimes I just have an undying need to be with the trends. Last summer I went on depop endlessly trying to find the perfect pair of jorts. Also, I feel like I haven’t even described what jorts are. For those of us who are unaware, Jorts are jean shorts. Anyway, back to the point, I was scrounging Depop looking for the most exquisite pair of jorts. However, as I’ve spoken about before, Depoppers love to overprice their clothes. Every pair of jorts, because of them being so trendy, were upwards of 30 dollars. Which is absolute denim blasphemy! I had thoughts of going to the thrift store and making my own jorts! However, I ended up checking Etsy and found an expensive pair, but I really really liked them! Once they arrived I was ecstatic, I was finally going to be part of the jorts movement. HOWEVER, they didn’t fit, and I tried to make em’ fit too. Real hard. They just squeezed me in all the wrong places. They’re wearable but most certainly not my first choice. 

At this point I was quite melancholy. I had just dropped a significant amount of cashola on these illusive jorts that didn’t even fit me! I started to feel like perhaps you don’t get to pick to be a part of the jorts movement, the jorts movement picks you. Perhaps I just wasn’t one of those chosen ones. Woe is me. Nonetheless, I didn’t lose ALL motivation. I went back to Depop and started deep diving. When I say deep diving, I mean that I was on there for many clicks searching through poorly photographed jorts. Pro tip: poorly photographed items usually sell for less on Depop but have the same quality as nicer photographed items. Anyway, I did it. I found my magical pair of jorts. I remember them being reasonably priced along with them being extremely cute. THEY WERE ALSO LEVI’S!!!! 

So, to sum it up, never give up on your expedition to find jorts. There’s always a pair out there for everyone even when it seems doom and gloom. If I was able to find mine, you’ll definitely be able to find yours! My initial jorts journey was about a year ago at this point and now I’m the proud owner of multiple pairs of jorts. Now that I’ve revealed my journey with jorts, I really hope they’re still in fashion because I genuinely feel very connected to the sweet denim. Even if they’re terribly out of style I’m sure I’d still be caught wearing em’ cause I just love em so much. Xoxo