The Book Club

With another week under our belts, winter break is coming quicker than you can say Björklunden – or at least quicker than I can say it. It’s quite a mouthful. Halloween has finally come to pass, and Thanksgiving is just around the bend, so I want to take this edition to talk about books I happen to be thankful for. I have been passionate about reading ever since I was in elementary school, and it has truly shaped my life in profound ways, like inspiring me to start this column. But, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the novels that helped make me into the person writing to you all today.  

The book series that has been with me the longest is the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Now, to preface this, I am aware that the series itself is not the most beautifully written and has quite a few issues when looking back. And, not to mention, Rowling herself is very problematic, namely because of her numerous transphobic comments that she has made over the years. However, despite the author being an awful individual and the numerous plot holes and questionable design choices within the books themselves, I cannot deny the important place that the series holds in my heart.  

The Harry Potter series is one of the first series I ever sunk my little bookworm teeth into as a kid, and I became absolutely enamored by it. I reread the books a few dozen times, watched the films just as often and I even tried baking some of the foods featured in the series. It sounds a tad obsessive, which it probably was, but for those who are reading this and have also read the series, you cannot deny how addicting, yet comforting the idea of visiting Hogwarts and the Wizarding World is. We all wanted to escape to the fantastical castle and take some classes with McGonagall and Lupin, or go to Diagon Alley to pick out a wand or a pet. And, because of the love I had for this world Rowling made, I was able to eventually meet other friends with a similar passion for it. We grew up together, developed similar interests, and I am now lucky to still call them some of my closest friends. Even today we still watch the films together and listen to study playlists filled with music from the soundtrack. The series also spurred on my passion for reading, and I ended up devouring more and more books during my childhood, eventually leading me to choosing an English major and creating a column in the school newspaper where I share my love of reading. In retrospect, it’s strange how much my life has been deeply impacted by the boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs.  

That’s all for this edition! There is only one last edition before we go on break, and I would truly love to hear from some of you wonderful readers! If there has been a book that I mentioned this term that you loved, or if you have a book of your own you would like to mention, feel free to reach out! I would especially love to hear some of the books you all are grateful for this holiday season. But, until then, happy reading!