College Ave Rewind(s): How to stay warm

You might say that the Packers are the best football team. I might say that the Bears are the best team. We can agree to disagree, but the one thing I think we can all agree on is that it is freezing outside. It is just plain freakin’ freezing. And yes, I’m from Chicago, so you could say I’m “used to it,” but are we ever really used to it? I try to wear all the right clothes and layers, but sometimes that is just not enough. So why not give you, readers, some helpful tips on how to stay warm through the next month or so? For all we know we could wake up next week, arise from our pile of blankets, and the temperature will be 60 degrees! But as for now, I am going to wake up for my 8:30 stats class and hurriedly walk to Main Hall in the puffiest jacket you ever did see. With the hood up I look like that sandworm from Dune. So here I offer you some of my best suggestions to help you stay cozy, as what’s coming next with February in Wisconsin might be a bit rough.   

To start, hand warmers. I highly recommend these. You can buy them down the street at Walgreens or order them online. You just open the package, give them a shake, and you’re set. You can put them in your gloves, on top of your socks in your shoes, and really anywhere you desire. They typically last 8–10 hours, which is perfect for the school day. I know they are not the most environmentally friendly solution, but this is about survival, people.  

Next up, layers. If you want to survive in these chilly long weeks of the term, you need to wear layers. This could be a tight t-shirt to go under another one with a sweater or sweatshirt under your coat. A second pair of socks is always a good call. One of my favorite clothing items, that can make or break my level of happiness getting from point A to B, is leggings, workout pants and long underwear under my sweats or jeans. Guaranteed game changer. All these combos will have you feeling super warm when you walk into a building, leaving you almost wishing you could go back outside again. Then, when it is time to go back into the frozen tundra, you pop that sweatshirt back on and suddenly the cold air seems kind of nice. 

And then, last but not least, go for the hot food and drink options. This is a must. I have made the mistake countless times ordering something cold from Warch, such as a smoothie, to-go and then shivering and feeling miserable once I am outside. Instead, enjoy some hot tea, coffee or even hot chocolate. In reality, most of the meal options lean toward being warm. I’m just suggesting we wait to eat the hard-to-resist soft-serve and our beloved cold brews until maybe April. 

One more thing! I have been told that wearing more than two pairs of socks is bad as it can affect the circulation in your feet, so let’s say we avoid that one. Stay warm out there!