College Ave Rewind(s): Where to eat

Food might be one of the greatest inventions of all time. I am sure the day someone put a piece of food between two slices of bread and suggested it should be named a sandwich was a fantastic day. Food brings people together. Food makes people happy. And food, other than it being a necessity, can be delicious. Well, maybe most of the time. My freshman year here at LU, I struggled to find new food to eat that wasn’t compromised to picking up a giant ladle and dropping something mysterious-looking onto my plate. Flash-forward to fall term of this school year when I hit the ground running and hungry. Within the first week of school, I had ventured off campus to discover the Appleton dining or takeout options I could find. Now, in the middle of winter term, I find the time at least once a week to pop over to these spots for a yummy meal that also provides an opportunity to go for a walk and take a break from being on campus. Without further ado, here are my current faves.  

The Green Gecko Grocer and Deli. Located just a block and a half from campus, this College Avenue spot is not one you want to miss. Green Gecko is the closest thing to a grocery store within walking distance of campus. With items from peanut butter to frozen lasagna, this place has it all. For us college students, they offer plenty of ramen, bags of chips and fun bakery items. I often go there on a Saturday afternoon or as an alternative to a Commons dinner for a cup of their homemade soup and a sandwich. Their delicious soup selection often changes, but my go-to sandwich is grilled cheese. Make sure to show your student ID and get a discount on your purchase! 

My favorite cuisine is Asian food. From sushi to Pad Thai and from dumplings to pho, I love it all. I have tried a couple of places around Appleton, sampling the egg rolls and crab rangoons at the local farmers’ market, and one place stands out among the rest. As an Asian fusion spot that offers many varieties of classic dishes like ramen, pad see ew and kimchi fried rice, this place is awesome. With delicious appetizers and humongous portions of steaming rice, soup and noodles, Bowl 91 is the spot to go to.  

Now I am not a coffee drinker, but I do have a strong passion for coffee shops. With the vibe, the smells and the aesthetic, coffee shops are one of the best places to work on that final paper, meet up with a friend or grab a drink and bite to eat on-the-go. Located on the other side of the river, Tempest Coffee Collective is a great-looking spot connected to a long stretch of residential buildings directly on the river. For you coffee drinkers, they serve the Pacific Northwest’s infamous Olympia Coffee. They have plenty of seating that also includes outdoor seating in the warm months. And when it gets a bit chilly out, you can get cozy in one of their big, comfy chairs. Tempest offers a wide assortment of drinks, breakfast and lunch items and plenty of baked goods.  

We have to take advantage of these above-freezing days when they can trick you into thinking that spring is around the corner. Now is the perfect time to get out and walk around, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air before it snows again or starts to rain. And hey, maybe you’ll walk to one of these places, too. Happy exploring!