Pen and Ink

Content Warning – Mentions of and Allusions to Depression and Suicide

With it being Mental Health Awareness Month, it has become a time filled with many difficult discussions. Talking about mental health is never easy, whether it be because the topics themselves are triggering or because opening up about one’s inner thoughts is easier said than done. When I wrote this poem originally in middle school, I truly didn’t understand the complexity of mental health at the time; I was mainly focused on this notion of comparing the idea of gravity with that of suicide and depression. During my poetry class I decided to revisit this poem and tweak it until this middle school thought was fully fleshed out. As it covers a rather sensitive subject, please don’t read this lightly. 


I see you lost your sense of gravity. 

There were no farewell speeches, nor bidding 

adieu, just a missed call or two,   

it rang 

and rang 

but since when does that end in tragedy? 

You’re more like a doll, now – not quite Barbie, 

but this model comes with scars from cutting  

away the string that held you down. There’s nothing included  

to provide immortality. 

You’ve left me behind, just like you used to: 

Like at prom,         my last soccer game,         or that night 

when we almost got matching tattoos 

with our initials engraved in our thighs. 

Now I’m standing here  

in this crowded room 

with those you left behind this year,  

who glance around to affirm 

that they still have a tight grip on their  

sense of gravity.