Bad Lawrence Poetry #5


A river bug flew



into my mouth.

Little words can describe

The pain. The taste. The crunch.

Fly Fly Fly. Smack. Smack. Smack.

Little River Bug.

However, I cannot help

But feel melancholy.

A river bugs life?

Barely a day.

This ones? 

Ended in my mouth.

This river bug,

Or as I called him,


Made me think about

The other bugs I unintentionally 


Humans are so quick

To say , “EW”

To bugs that appear 

on them

Yet, we rarely 

Think about what that bug thought.

He might’ve thought 

My mouth was

A Safe Haven

He probably was scared,

When he saw my teeth.

Or Tongue.

Or multiple fillings.

I can’t help it. 

I have cavity prone teeth.

I brush twice a day…….

I promise.

Well…  sometimes, 

As the night engulfs me to slumber

I forget to wield my tooth brush.

We all do.

After Buggy,

I will never forget to brush.