Bad Lawrence Poetry #6

Believe me when I tell you, 

I thought it was 

No Moe May.

I said,

What did Moe do?

Moe is a first-year.

From a small town

He’s a computer science major,

But just took an art class

That will change his life.

Why, students, do we 

Rally against him?


“Mow” you say.

That makes sense.

As ninth week rolls past,

Like an urn of churned butter

Ponder about other campus


Do you recall, for weeks, 



Someone obliterated, 


An ice cream sandwich,

By smashing it against the glass

Of the cafe.

The first day, I chortled.

It was up for weeks.

Tours saw it.

Prospective students greeted with the

aromatic sensation 

of a mushed up

Ice cream bar. 

Was the person who smashed it,

A genius?

Was it a ploy to 

Decrease enrollment?

What if a prospective student…

Loved it?

Thought it was modern art?

To me, it was humanity.

Was it Moe?

He’s into that modern art stuff now…