4. Where we got class colors from

5. A new tradition has the incoming class walk under it

8. Misread as GUARDO in 2022

12. Hammock here

13. The stars of this are LU’s international students

15. It’s on top of Main Hall

16. Formerly known as Sabin House

21. Don’t try to use a fake here

22. Bedroom sinks available here

23. Head here for tutoring

24. Lawrence next to the pond

25. Last year it was purple, this year it’s red


1. They nest near the Fox

2. First sign of spring

3. Find it on every assignment

6. Play it on Ormsby Lake

7. SLUG’s newest resident species

8. Lawrence across the pond

9. Required reading, by _______

10. Arguably not in the west

11. Of the much beloved Commons

14. Play with its masters in January

16. Lawrence on Facebook

17. The first Lawrence

18. 5280 ft of organized sound

19. More of it!

20. Saturday market on College Ave