Embrace the Change

Have you ever had an adventure so unbelievable it changed the way you see life? Either way, let me tell you a story about a little squirrel whose world turned upside down after one big move. 

This squirrel did exactly the same things, day in and day out. One could say she was more like a groundhog! Her day started with breakfast which gave her enough energy to roam around the luscious green grass that had just been freshly cut. She absolutely loved the feeling and refreshing scent of cut grass, because it meant that she had a brand new week ahead. After she took in the bright morning sunshine, she spent the day darting around her favorite bush, finding new friends to talk to, and searching for her next meal. You may be wondering how this squirrel never got bored following this same routine every single day – it’s because she thrived on it. This is why one day, when she decided to change course and migrate to a completely new huge park, her life was forever changed. She had to learn how to find the best acorns and berries all over again, and she had to spend time searching for her fellow squirrels. This scared her, a lot. However, this change made her more curious, more optimistic, and perhaps even more spontaneous. She found new squirrel friends who helped her settle down, she started to appreciate the new species of plants and animals which surrounded her, and felt inclined to learn about them as best she could. She didn’t forget about her previous park at all, she still loved it and missed it very much, but she was able to create a new future which added new experiences to her life and taught her important lessons. If there is anything to learn from this little squirrel, embrace the change.