The Mad Titan

When I was young, I used to dream 
of hungry monsters and evil queens 
who made the children thrash and scream 
When I was young, I used to read 
tales of tyrants filled with greed 
who loved to watch their victims bleed 

But I never thought I’d see the day 
that Lord Vader took our rights away, 
that children fought in a hunger game 
that Thanos turned the world to gray 

I remember the morning all too well: 
a few days shy of fourteen years old, 
shaking in the closet, my blood gone cold 
I remember whispering, “what the hell?” 
too scared to even speak my thoughts, 
for who knows what’s safe and what’s not? 

Every dictator claims a noble cause 
You promised to make this country great 
But I guess your definition of greatness 
just means white, male, and straight 

You take whatever your madness touches – 
power, women, money 
You scream bitterly into the void 
about turban-clad enemies 
But to truly fight the war on terror, 
you must shoot the man in your mirror, 
for you are the one who inspires such fear 
in the women you’ve branded with your dirty hands, 
in the children left orphaned in this foreign land, 
in the soldiers thrown away because they were trans 

There is no Iron Man to snap his fingers 
and no Jedi to call upon the force 
But I am a girl and I have a choice 
to plant my feet and use my voice, 
for one spark can light the torch 
and give hope to those who cannot speak 
I’ll shoot my arrow straight and true, 
shout for the speechless and stand for the weak 

You’ve painted this country state by state 
with the red in your ledger 
and the lies from your hideous mouth 
You’ve poisoned our borders with filth and hate, 
but four years is not forever, 
and every fire you started will be doused 

You can buy your votes but not my respect 
Your foul words will never reach me 
Tied to the mast with pitch in my ears, 
I will stand strong in what I believe