White Flag

You, with your pure white banner 
and your vanilla anthem 
with your haughty manners 
and your glorious Panem 

You, who swore to protect 
your perfect kingdom of loyal subjects
You stand above us, playing God 
with your cryptic decisions 
and your glorious facade 
that warps and fools our vision 

They called Olympus the land of gods
where democracy was born 
But you stack your scales and fix the odds
Crown us with laurels made of thorns

A senate in a twisted forum 
Under columns that never bend 
All citizens are created equal 
so long as they're free white men 

Row after row, lily white 
No use putting up a fight 
for no one cares what's wrong or right

Faceless gladiators 
Numbers, not names 
A thousand foot-soldiers, 
their faces the same 
From your golden throne, 
you don't see their pain 

Blinded by fireworks, deafened by cheers
They bury their pride and swallow their tears
Their minds filled with the propaganda they hear:
"It's your duty to bow and an honor to serve; 
be grateful for your pardon. 
You've received more mercy than you deserve;
you've won a lucky bargain." 

You cast them into your eternal flame
to bear your sins and wear your shame
But fire polishes crystal 
and toil makes them strong 
An empire built on slavery 
can never stand for long.