The Lawrentian Editorial: Take a Stand Against Hate.

This past week, an Indiana University student was stabbed while taking the bus in Bloomington, Ind. To call this attack “racially motivated” would be an understatement: the attacker, a white woman, explicitly stated that she stabbed the 18 year old for “being Chinese.”

This horrific attack is yet another example of the anti-Asian racism which remains pervasive throughout this country. It should be hard for anyone to say that they don’t care or that they haven’t been influenced.

Not only are we deeply saddened by this horrific act of violence, but we also call on the university to condemn the incident in Indiana and to take action to support their Asian students. Especially at an institution which remains 60% white, it is critically important to take a stand against racism and provide a safe space for marginalized students. Especially during this painful period, please check in with your Asian friends and stand with the Asian community.