Beautiful Misunderstandings

brushed my hand while dancing
caught my eye while glancing
beautiful misunderstandings

dropped all my apprehension 
lived to catch your attention 
caught up in your perfection 

i tried my best to hide my feelings 
but any fool would know 
your best friend told me i was clinging 
but i didn’t dare to let you go 

takeout in paper cartons 
singing to dolly parton 
initials in the margins 

ignored my mother’s warnings 
‘cause you were worth adoring 
till i woke up each morning 

your stardust smile under disco lights 
your wide-eyed wonder at the city sights 
till i stepped too close and tripped a wire 
and sent us tumbling into fire 

quick was the flying, hard was the fall 
double or nothing, so i lost it all 
i waited lifetimes for her answer 
only to wish i'd never asked her 

left my heart in your basement 
you were my favorite bracelet 
an heirloom with no replacement 

your presence was enchanting 
swift flight and swifter landing 
beautiful misunderstandings