Conversations Across the Globe

What happens when your group of best friends lives on four different continents? All you have to do is pick up the phone! Current technology has made it so much easier for friends to connect from thousands of miles apart. It can be the thread that maintains a bond for life. Just a few taps of your finger can open up a portal to a different time zone where your loved one can talk to you and see you in real time. The world feels so much closer and more accessible. Being “one call away” has never been easier to achieve. When you need that one person who always makes you feel calmer and better, they can be with you in a matter of seconds. 

What is even better is that we’re not limited to talking to one person at a time. Whole class groups can converse at once, as online school generously taught us. For continuous months and even years, students had to learn how to stay attentive while watching yet another recorded power-point lecture with tired eyes. Even though it was extremely tough, just the fact that students were able to continue staying educated through a pandemic is amazing. People all over the globe were still in a class all together. The connection between a group of classmates didn’t get severed, despite being separated for so long. 

If this wasn’t our reality, I picture students feeling extremely isolated and confused, with minimal guidance on how to study a clunky textbook. Imagine not having email access to teachers, not being able to text a classmate to ask a question, or not having the luxury to miss a live class and watch the recording. It would be such a huge undertaking to learn brand new content alone,  and students everywhere are so grateful to be able to receive  guidance from teachers who can be contacted with essentially no effort. We are so lucky to have access to technology like this today, sustaining the important relationships from each phase of our lives.