A Night in New York

Picture a cold but cozy winter night. A young girl is relaxing in her bedroom, ready to wind down after a busy day. She starts watching a loud and flashy musical! Not the typical genre to choose when trying to slow down, but she loves the drama and energy. Even watching on her tiny computer screen provides an escape from a bland day. She enjoys it while sipping a comforting cup of hot cocoa that warms her dry palms. This is how she spends most evenings, but tonight is different. As she polishes off the last of the hot cocoa, she drifts into a calm and deep sleep – into her beautiful world of dreams. Her day has ended, but her night is only just starting.  

Tonight’s dream opens in New York City! An orchestral score continues to play gently in her ears, and she can see rows of illuminated city lights in her mind. She pictures the lights of Times Square and the magical sparkle they add to the whole city. She imagines watching the Ambassador Theatre’s double doors opening, home to the most coveted musical on Broadway, “Chicago”! She starts hearing the classics like “Cell Block Tango” and sees those six silver chairs lined up. This dream feels like it will never end, but eventually, it does. The young girl wakes up smiling ear to ear, humming “All That Jazz” while getting ready for a big day ahead. 

She is smiling because she is heading off to New York City for real! This is the escape that isn’t found inside a screen. She is going to see her sister after being apart much too long. The plan is to have a few simple days of quality time, nothing extravagant – or so she thinks! On the very first evening of her trip, her dream comes to life! Her sister had bought tickets to watch “Chicago,” the musical. There is a bright twinkle in the eyes of the young girl as she waits to enter. Anticipation is running through her veins like electricity! She just cannot stand still. Finally, she enters those big double doors.

She finds her seat alongside her sister, who is just as excited. They make it just in time, and the house lights begin dimming. They are in for one of the most wonderful nights of theatre that can ever be experienced. “Do dreams really come true?” she thinks, as she almost pinches herself. There is not a moment when they aren’t laughing, smiling or applauding. Each song, every dance, all the music is seamlessly executed to perfection. Her long-awaited dream that seemed so distant becomes a brand new field of memories, in which she will roam carefree for as long as her heart desires.