A First-Timer’s Snow Day

You walk through the door and look out the window. What do you see? Snow! It’s just bucketing down. Watching snow falling for the first time is both a beautiful and slightly terrifying feeling. It is absolutely gorgeous and fascinating to watch from the comfort of your bedroom, but the moment you have to step outside, it’s a whole new beast to tackle. A beast that can make your bones ache and fingertips go numb. For people like me who have never had to walk through it before, there is always a worry of slipping and visibility becomes essentially zero. Returning back inside is the most satisfying feeling, which is why we do what we can to make the best of snow days from inside, since going outside once a day is plenty! I normally like to start by turning on all of the lights and fully opening the curtains. It’s important to get as much brightness as possible, because snowfall can look quite grey. 

Then, I have to get cozy! This is when I let go of every additional layer and item I carried on me during the day. I swap that out for my most comfortable clothes after coming in from the cold. Now I spend a few minutes by the heater warming my hands that are almost going blue, trying to return some circulation to them. At this point, hot chocolate is a necessity. The kettle goes on, and when it’s ready, hot and bubbling water fills up the mug. I stir it up with that delicious dark chocolate, milk, and sugar mixture. The first sip feels like a blanket warming me from the inside out. When that’s ready, I queue up my favorite rom-coms and get under my cozy comforter. I switch to books when my movies end, and every few minutes my eyes get drawn to the windows to watch the snow falling. It’s mesmerizing, and never ceases to amaze me. The day goes by swiftly when I’m this comfortable, and it makes the snow much more enjoyable.