The Secret

I'm sorry,
and I know 
from your eyes
that you are hurt.

I should have stayed quiet,
but now it is out
in the air
in our lungs.

I thought you should know,
a confession
(out of love)
and yet
it might not be enough.

I've gotten so good
at hiding things
in my heart,
the beating one two, one two
covers the sound of the untold.

But the pounding can 
only work
for so long,
and it's started to 

And you deserve to know,
before this rips me apart.
With every comment you make.
With the sadness in your eyes.

It's not fair to either of us.
So I must speak,
before the truth
crawls up my throat
on its own accord.

Because the answer you seek
is right in front
of you...

It was me.
I ate your last cookie.