Becoming a Cafeteria Masterchef

It’s late afternoon and you’re ready to eat. It’s finals season and you’ve reached that point when the end of the tunnel, the school term, is almost approaching. The combination of studying and longing for a break definitely builds up an appetite! So, you head down to the Commons and it’s time to face the lines. You know exactly what there is, but you just have to wait to get it. As you wait, you start to notice small, random little details about the place. The number of plates that have been stacked, the smoke coming up from the trays, even the fire from the brick-oven pizza across the room catches your eye. These few moments when the mind has nothing to focus on are actually very blissful. There are actually many other important assignments that need your attention, but this is when you can actively choose to forget them for a brief while. The only task at hand is getting to the food, and nothing more. It’s important to have this pocket of time during the day, because this is when your brain rests, but it also becomes incredibly creative! In the same way that one’s best ideas can occur in the shower, aimlessly waiting in lines can have the same outcome. You start to think about what can maybe taste interesting combined from each section of the cafeteria, and which spices or sauces can add flavor. By the time you’ve reached the food, a full multiple-course meal has been planned in your head. When this comes together, you can return to the day pleased and satisfied with the taste you created.