Unravel My Soul

unravel my soul, one stitch at a time
thwart mother nature and make yourself mine 
teach love to grow in my barren gray field 
grant me your mercy and i’ll lower my shield 

build me a home with strong, gentle hands 
whisper in languages only we understand 
sing me a folk song from your velvet lips 
show me new realms on your traveling ship 

bathe me in innocence, bless me with your grace 
take me where the winter brings roses to my face 
paint my heart golden, crown me in daisies 
cast off my armor and call me your lady 

i’d cross the ocean and fly to the moon 
bleed my fingers dry to strum you a tune 
write you an epic in our secret tongue 
climb a ladder to heaven and steal you the sun 

our love is madness so exquisitely sweet 
afloat in the space where twin spirits meet 
fill me with beauty and mend all i've torn 
by your heavenly light, my soul is reborn