Long Winter

My soul is a fortress under siege
Only your love can rescue me 
Watching the world through an iron gate 
Don’t know how much longer I can wait 

Another day alone in the cold 
Every night’s getting longer without my lover by my side 
And I’ll keep waiting by the phone 
Praying you’re out there and you’re coming home tonight 

My body is frozen in the dark 
Try to picture you, but I try too hard 
Now the snow outside stands a hundred feet 
And you’re a hundred worlds away from me 

Let me pledge my loyalty on my knees 
Every minute I live without your sweet love is torture 
I need to feel that precious heat 
Walk with me in the summer when the sun shines on the orchard 

My lips are blue 
from not kissing you 

I stand at the window, waiting for spring 
But no flowers have bloomed since I lost everything 
My world is obliterated in white, 
haunted by ghosts 
My bitter heart never loved much in my lifetime, 
but I loved you the most 
Your body is gone, but the warmth of you lingers 
Chills on my skin, but they’re not from your fingers 
Darling, it’s been a long winter