You know when you realize that you’ve changed? Over the course of time, over years, days, friendships and seasons. You’ve changed, somehow, somewhere, in between meals and birthdays and babies born and people died. Sunsets have happened and ended and happened again, and somewhere in that infinite space parts of you left and others were made. Pieces of your soul stayed the same while pieces rearranged, and what you want is not the same as what you wanted before. You are the world, and you are power and joy and love and clouds over ice, and you are still wearing that sweatshirt you’ve had since high school. Time does not exist because it can’t when we don’t believe in it; but what is that thing then, that space in our lives that allows us to change? People do strange things, and sometimes we bump into each other like cosmic strands of stardust, and sometimes when we bump we affect each other and fall in love or hate each other, because, after all, we really are just tiny bits of flesh and soul; but for some reason the soul matters more. And if you’re reading this, then maybe you know just how crazy it is that you’re even alive right now at the same time that other people are alive. Somehow you changed, and I changed, and we’ll just keep on shifting and morphing into different people yet the same people, because we’re in this dream and that’s what we’re here for.