Staff Editorial: Political Engagement on campus

With the November Presidential election drawing ever closer, we at The Lawrentian are proud to see the high level of political engagement on campus. Aside from the recent exciting visits of both Mitt Romney and First Lady Michelle Obama, there is a tangible excitement about the upcoming election on campus.

We are also proud to have Senator Russ Feingold on campus as the Steven Edward Scarff distinguished visiting professor. Feingold’s participation with campus life has no doubt helped to further stimulate interest in the nation’s political arena. Feingold delivered a lecture on the challenges America faces in a post-9/11 world, and also visited our much-loved Björklunden last weekend.

There have been well-advertised tables in the Warch Campus Center where students can register or re-register to vote in Appleton. Information on registering to vote and about the election in general have been given priority on the Lawrence University homepage, making it easy for students to stay up to date on these issues.

We have also noticed that, socially, many students are invested in this current election. Invites went out on Facebook for a Presidential debate viewing party. Many students are using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to spread information about the election and voter registration. In addition, a new campaign organized by a voting organization group called All Hands on Deck will be starting campus-wide get out the vote canvassing in dorms next week.

Overall, we at The Lawrentian are encouraged by the current level of political engagement that we see on campus. The university, students, student organizations and outside political organizations have all contributed to this increased interest in the presidential election. Please encourage your friends and colleagues to vote on Nov. 6.