Sports Trivia

Greg Peterson

Q: Aaron Rodgers may have just become the most famous product of Cal football since the phrase “the Stanford band is on the field!” entered the lexicon. But he’s not the only quarterback in the NFL to have graduated from the University of California – what current Oakland Raider and former Baltimore Raven was a Golden Bear in college before being drafted in 2003?
A: Kyle Boller. While in college, the future husband of Miss U.S.A. runner-up Carrie Prejean started from his sophomore season on before being taken with the 19th pick of the first round of the draft. However, his NFL career has been less than spectacular – his most notable achievement with the Ravens was being just bad enough to convince them to draft Joe Flacco.
Q: Meanwhile – after all, the sports world didn’t stop during Super Bowl week – Manchester United lost 2-1 to the relegation-headed Wolverhampton Wanderers in a huge upset last Saturday. The loss, the first of the year’s Premier League campaign, ended United’s quest to join what two clubs as holders of the only unbeaten seasons in top-flight English soccer history?
A: Arsenal’s “Invincibles” achieved an unbeaten season by finishing 26-12-0 in 2003-2004 behind the play of Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira. However, barely anyone would remember the undefeated season of Preston North End, who won the Double and went undefeated… in 1888-1889.