Staff Editorial: Winter Term Woes

Editorial Board of The Lawrentian

Although we are only halfway through Fall Term, Winter Term is rapidly approaching. This year, New Year’s Eve falls on Saturday, Dec. 31, but students are scheduled to move back to campus Sunday, Jan. 1, and immediately begin classes on Monday. New Year’s Day is a nationally-recognized holiday, and this move-in date will rush students, as they are given little time between holiday celebrations and the start of term.

Many students will have family gatherings to attend on New Year’s Eve, and even New Year’s Day. Returning to campus after a long break and starting classes within 24 hours is not easy. The transition from home to campus is sometimes a difficult one, not to mention the hectic traveling on New Year’s Day.

With the current schedule, students will be forced to travel on a national holiday. Airfare is often more expensive on holidays, and students who are traveling from out of state will suffer the most.

Besides student travel, some RHDs, janitors and Bon Appétit employees will have to work on a national holiday, rather than spending time with friends or family. Most other employees have the day off, so why start Winter Term earlier?

It seems like this whole mess could be avoided if the term began on Tuesday, Jan. 3. We at The Lawrentian understand that it is probably too late to change the schedule now, but problems like this should be avoided in the future. Moving in on New Year’s Day is not only hectic and frustrating, it is also expensive, and college students are anything but loaded with cash. With the additional impact on university staff, the problem reaches beyond the student body as well.