Staff Editorial

Editorial Board of The Lawrentian

Next year, the Lawrence website as we know it will no longer exist. It will be replaced with a newer, and probably improved, web page. The renovations to the web page are expected to make it more user-friendly, and easier to navigate. We at The Lawrentian are excited for these changes.

However, we have noticed that many student organization web pages linked from the Lawrence page are extremely outdated.

Many of the student organization sites are up to six years out of date. For example, the Tropos site hadn’t been updated since 2005, the Film Club since 2006 and Lambda Sigma since 2009.

For very practical purposes, these websites should be updated on a somewhat-regular basis. New students who want to get involved in an organization might be put-off or confused by out-of-date information. Some sites list outdated meeting times, and this can cause problems for students wishing to join various organizations.

According to Lawrence policy, student organizations that have their websites posted on the Lawrence website are responsible for keeping their page current. Students should take a more proactive role in their groups’ online presence. The new Lawrence website promises a more user-friendly interface for student organizations, and we strongly encourage students to take advantage of this update when it takes place.

In the meantime, defunct student organization webpages should be removed to avoid confusion.

Currently, students can be authorized to update and monitor organization websites by filling out a simple form, and multiple students can be granted permission to monitor these sites.

We at The Lawrentian look forward to a more user-friendly student organization webspace in the future, but in the meantime, we encourage student organizations to review the status of their website.