Staff Editorial: Political Diversity on Campus

Filling a long absence of conservative-oriented organizations on campus, the newly reestablished Lawrence University Republicans officially began meetings last month. They have been focusing on education and providing an open discussion forum for issues; their meetings are even open to members of all political parties.

Although they have currently been concentrating their efforts on organizing, they clearly have plans to ensure the longevity of their organization.
We at **The Lawrentian** see the establishment of a conservative organization as a very positive development on campus. In past Staff Editorials, we have noted the need for more visible conservative voices at Lawrence.

The newly organized Lawrence University Republicans will help promote a diversity of political opinions on campus that will enhance our liberal arts education. We hope that the LU Republicans’ goals of education and open discussion will encourage consideration of topics and ideas that are largely avoided on our liberal-leaning campus.

We also hope that LU Republicans will serve as a support group for conservative Lawrentians who may have felt marginalized in the past. LU Republicans can empower conservative students to voice their viewpoints without hesitation or fear of rejection.
Republicans are not very accepted on campus, and this new student organization can directly respond to this issue. Through their initiatives focused on education, they can disprove some widely-held stereotypes about Republicans.

The development of a conservative organization has been needed to balance the liberal majority on campus. We at **The Lawrentian** hope that the LU Republicans will be received warmly and will develop into a permanent and visible group on campus.