Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Maureen Darras

Over the course of the last three terms, The Lawrentian has covered tremendous student innovation, professorial achievement and campus growth. Lawrence has been fortunate to have hosted distinguished speakers, ranging from Ralph Nader to Ray Suarez, who have imparted valuable guidance as we work towards building a kinder and more sustainable world.

Debates among Lawrentians ranged from local concerns — footwear, curriculum changes, additions to the campus center, the role of the VR — to global concerns — riots in the Middle East, Internet privacy, reproductive rights, the value of a single vote.

The Lawrentian staff has aspired to represent as much of this transformation and passion as possible. It has been an incredible opportunity and an honor to hold this position. We have found it inspiring and stimulating to actively monitor trends and ideas taking shape on campus, as well as events and accomplishments, art exhibits and CD releases, Watson Fellowships and Fulbright Scholarships.

The world into which we will shortly emerge will require that we are informed, interested and responsive to our environment. I hope The Lawrentian has encouraged readers to consider the role of one’s own voice, as well as how it resonates within a chorus.

This past year, we have observed an increasingly tolerant and constructive campus climate, made all the more remarkable by the fact that our community is larger and more diverse than ever before.

After this issue, The Lawrentian will transition to the staff of 2011-2012. I am confident they will embrace the challenge as enthusiastically as the departing staff has and, in a year’s time, find it no less bittersweet to bid the paper farewell.

Congratulations to the new staff, and good luck.