Staff Editorial

Editorial Board of The Lawrentian

During last year’s LUCC elections, only two candidates total ran for President and Vice President. It wasn’t much of a race, or even a race at all. We discussed our disappointment with the election in a Staff Editorial almost one year ago.

This year, we at The Lawrentian are excited to see the number of candidates running for executive positions in LUCC. There are two students running for President and five running for Vice President. This increased interest in student government is especially refreshing to see in light of last year’s election, and we commend the student body and LUCC for getting involved and spreading the word.

The publicity for this year’s elections has improved as well. Students can vote for candidates during meal times at the campus center Monday, Jan. 16 through Friday, Jan. 20, a major improvement from last year’s scant seven hours of polling time. Students also received an informative email from LUCC outlining important dates related to the election. Finally, the attendance at the candidate forum on Wednesday Jan. 11 was excellent, and the audience seemed very engaged.

We urge all students to vote in the upcoming LUCC election. Additionally, we encourage students to make that vote an informed one. Research the candidates, learn about the important issues and ask them questions when you see them around campus — Lawrence isn’t that big, after all. See this week’s LUCC update in The Lawrentian for more information as well.

Happy voting, and check back in a few weeks for the results of the election.