Staff Editorial: Advertising Woes

Editorial Board of The Lawrentian

As we get further into Spring Term, there are numerous exciting programs and events happening on campus. However, many interesting events suffer from low attendance. We believe that a more attention-grabbing online means of advertising may help increase attendance.

The Campus Life website lists the “traditional ideas” for advertising on campus. However, these ideas are traditional, and therefore ineffective. As Campus Life suggests, most events and parties are advertised with a plethora of posters around campus. While a single poster may fulfill its purpose, the sheer number of posters on campus, and their monotonous appearance make the medium ineffective.

Recently the idea of using “clock talks” has resurfaced in many student organizations. In years past, students used these short speeches from the clock outside Main Hall to promote their events and express new ideas. These speeches most often occurred during the Freshman Studies rush to lunch. Clock talks were largely effective because they pinpointed student activity, generated conversation and could not be easily ignored.

By all accounts, the talks were a bold and effective form of advertisement, which took advantage of student traffic in between classes. However, in 2011, much student traffic also occurs on the Internet. Currently, Campus Life’s suggestions on advertisement do not reflect this development. There is no cohesive online medium for publicizing events or initiating conversation.

Both students and student organizations would benefit from a centralized space for advertisements. For example, the Lawrence University Facebook page could post a wider range of advertisements for on-campus events. Additionally, the Lawrence homepage could also be used to display more visually striking advertisements, rather than the limited number that the page currently displays. Ideally, a more cohesive approach could help address campus advertising woes.