Athletes of the week

Alyssa Onan

(Photo courtesy of Gabe Henriques)

Gabe Henriques

1) What’s the team’s biggest challenge this year? How is the team working to overcome it?

We have all the pieces we need to be a good team. The biggest thing is putting them all together for nine innings. We are working on changing our mentality to one of trust, confidence and discipline.

2) What is your favorite professional baseball team? Professional player? Why?

Chicago White Sox. They are on my side of Chicago, my hometown. My favorite player is Mark Buehrle because he gives it all he’s got, no matter what.

3) Best memory from the spring break trip to Florida? Why?

The pool party.

4) What are your personal goals for the season? How are you working to accomplish them?

Hit .400 and field .950. I can get there by following what I have been taught and learning how to adjust to different circumstances more quickly.

5) How do you pass the time on long bus trips?

I watch movies, or pick a freshman to make fun of and rip on him for a while.

Shannon Murray

1) What’s your favorite place on the LU campus? Why?

My favorite place on campus is definitely the café. I get a double whammy with study and socializing.

2) What is your pregame routine? Postgame routine?

Pregame: Pumpin’ out the tunes hard core! I like to get my game started off with the right beat. After the game, I will reflect on the performances of both myself and the team, but I never dwell on it. Whether it was a good or bad result, you can only keep going onto the next game.

3) Last fall, your team adopted Emma Broeniman, a 9-year-old with neurofibromatosis-1. What is your favorite part about having Emma as an honorary member of the team? What are some of your favorite memories with her?

Emma is such a spitfire! She is such an inspiration to the team. I loved it when we went trick or treating at her house last year and hid in closets and the different rooms so she could go trick or treating instead of being in the house that night. She gives us something more to play for.

4) What are the team’s goals for the season?

We are shooting for a conference win. Right now we have some barriers deal with, but I’m sure we’ll overcome them fast and get on the fast track to bringing home that number one spot in conference.

5) What impact are the new additions to the team having on the team dynamic?

The team has such a talented group of freshmen this year. Each one brings their own spunk and fire to the team. They’re outrageous and bring a whole lot of energy to the game. They learned quickly and hopped on board right away to help us accomplish our goals.

(Photo courtesy of Shannon Murray)