What’s on your iPod?

Paul Smirl

1. “Doin’ the Cockroach”- Modest Mouse

Reminds me of driving around Wisconsin’s dreary suburbs in the summertime.

2. “Hey Joni”- Sonic Youth

“Forget the past and just say yes”. This song has a great feel as the Youth continue their tradition of badassery.

3. “ZIM”- Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante

These dudes are pure artists.

4. “Kamera”- Wilco

The drums on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot sound like electronic garbage cans. I like that.

5. “Height Down”- John Frusciante

From Smile From the Streets You Hold, this song features the late actor, River Phoenix. Great textures.

6. “Starless”- King Crimson

An excellent end to a mind-blowing album

7. “Maria”- Jay Flash

A cool jam from a Milwaukee musician who mixes folk and electronic music

8. “The Sky Moves Sideways”- Porcupine Tree

PT is prolific and this eighteen- minute cut transcends psychedelia.

9. “Yesterday”- Marvin Gaye

Marvin is definitely one of the cooler cats to ever sing a song.

10. “Candidate”- Joy Division

There will never be a rock band that plays with the emotion that Joy Division did. And although their music is dark, it can be listened to at any time.