Letter to the Editor

Steve Nordin

As a responsible troglodyte of the Fourth Estate, I find myself compelled to add my voice to perhaps the most relevant political contest to students here at Lawrence: the LUCC Presidential election.

Some of you may protest and say that my valuable heiße Luft, as Kant would say, could be better expended in my Democrats for Herman Cain campaign. Perhaps, but given my selfish bourgeois sensibilities, I will focus on what is relevant to me as a Lawrentian.

I endorse Jake Woodford for LUCC President. Quite simply, I believe he has the candor and style of practical leadership, which make it clear that he will bring LUCC to terra firma and relevance.

I at one time, as a representative and cabinet officer, was a spinner of the byzantine hamster wheel that is student government. I must confess that my only hesitation of endorsing Woodford was my whiggish distrust of promises of dramatic change.

However, perhaps it is time for a shakeup. The perennial damnation of “student apathy” should be recognized as the Ramen noodle, Insta-campaign tripe that it is. It was easy for me to write off low voter turnout and snarky comments to you, the voter.

I was wrong.

There are many reasons why LUCC needs Woodford at the tiller, but I shall attempt to summarize my reason for supporting him.

LUCC’s top-heavy executive structure and committee system tacitly hinders outside input and organic student participation. For both LUCC student representatives and members of the Lawrence community, Woodford will greatly increase access.

In addition to his long-standing representation of the lesser-haired population at LU, he is a gifted administrator and is refreshingly sensible. While he certainly has his own beliefs as how Lawrence could be bettered, his greatest appeal is that they will not be so zealously pursued as to preclude you from bringing your own ideas, great or small, to the table.

So I conclude: Vote Woodford? Without Reserve.

-Steve Nordin ‘13