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Classical music must die

Since I arrived at Lawrence in fall 2015, significant strides have been taken to decolonize the conservatory curriculum at large.  In fall 2018, the musicology department brought a curriculum to the conservatory faculty, switching from Western music history to the Intro to Musicology sequence. The new sequence eliminated the costly, Western-centered textbooks in exchange for

Bernie is the answer

It looks as though the DNC will do anything to keep from accepting Bernie Sanders as the frontrunner in this election. Last week, he could not win Nevada because Medicare For All would take away hard-won union healthcare benefits. Today, he is a communist for questioning our country’s systemic brainwashing that communism, in all forms,

On Kobe Bryant

Disclaimer: This based on a Facebook status I made on Jan. 30. It remains relevant almost a month later. CW: sexual assault So, I am a survivor, and every survivor’s response to being retraumatized by the death and/or accolades of a rapist, abuser or perpetrator is valid. I am with you. I hear you. I