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Angelica Ross attends the WorldPride Opening Ceremony Benefit Concert at the Barclays Center

Black History Month: Angelica Ross

Black History Month: Angelica Ross

Angelica Ross. Photo by Lev Radin. Angelica Ross, 40, is a self-made transwoman, veteran and actress who advocates for transgender and nonbinary rights and access to work (Advocate, 2015). She was born in Kenosha, Wisc. and raised in Racine, Wisc. where she finished high school. While growing up, Ross was disparaged by her mother, an

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Next week begins National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, from Feb. 22 – Feb. 28. Each year, the diversity of eating disorders and their realness is acknowledged in a special way by organizations across the U.S. Historically, media portrayals of eating disorders have misrepresented these sensitive medical conditions, which has perpetuated myths and misunderstanding of their

Audre Lorde, female presenting black woman with an afro, holding glasses and looking into the camera

Black History Month: Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde Photo by Salimah Ali Audre Lorde, born on Feb. 18, 1934, was a first-generation Caribbean-American feminist, womanist, librarian and civil rights activist. She described herself as “Black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet.” Her life’s work was centered around the injustices of racism, classism, sexism, capitalism, heteronormativity and homophobia (Poetry Foundation, 2019). Lorde has remarkable

Lunar New Year: The Ox

Around the world and throughout history, people have celebrated the new year. New years are not always celebrated at the same time of year. The World Calendar is an adapted version of the Gregorian calendar and is acknowledged internationally. Historically, some regions have celebrated the new year based on their religious calendars. For example, Russia

Crowd of protesters and line of police meet in square with large horse statue in background.

Political defiance in Putin’s Russia

Protests at Senate Square in St. Petersburg, Russia,  Photo from Shutterstock. Free Alexei Navalny! Свободу Алексею Навальному! You may have seen this phrase floating around coupled with pictures of protesters from all around Russia, including gatherings from Siberia’s inhospitable climates for the sake of political voice. Such political action may not seem like anything new

Subculture on Main: Oryan Brown

O’Ryan Brown stands in the snow-covered SLUG gardens Photo by Dani Massey Subculture on Main strives to raise awareness of the diversity of people and important issues on the Lawrence University campus. Care is taken to give equal platform to unique individuals and to listen to their stories with an open mind. Interviews are reflective

Voices from the Editorial Board: On the Shoutbox ordeal

For transparency purposes, this article will remain on our website. However, The Lawrentian would like readers to know that this does not adhere to our current editorial policy, which was confirmed on February 12th in: Voices from the Editorial Board: Confirming our editorial policies. At the time of this article’s submission, our policy was as follows:  The opinions