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Iggy Azalea’s sophmore album complete success

Azalea’s sophomore studio release is an impressive demonstration of her rap and compositional abilities. The album is composed of mostly solid standalone tracks. Azalea delivers lyrically and pairs most of her raps with impressive backing melodies. Further, her use of guest artists is on point throughout the album, and the collaborations often foreshadow new chart

Dan Croll creates simple yet promising debut album

“Sweet Disarray,” Dan Croll’s debut album released on March 10, is precisely what the title suggests. The lyrics and melodies offer the perfect music for a sunny spring, but the album itself is not quite organized enough musically to be truly impressive. You might remember his alt-pop hit, “From Nowhere,” which hit the charts in

“American Hustle” succeeds through impressive visuals and character studies

“American Hustle” has been in theaters for a while now and unfortunately lost all ten of its Oscar nominations. However, despite its lack of success at the awards ceremony, this movie is worth your while. Written by Eric Singer and David Russell and directed by Russell, “American Hustle” takes place in the late 1970s and

Phantogram’s album “Voices” is centered around heartbreak

I have listened to the entirety of “Voices,” Phantogram’s newest album, and have reached the conclusion that they decided to make an album dedicated to breakups and heartaches. Despite that, their third album is an enjoyable combination of good melodies and straightforward lyrics. While Phantogram suffers slightly from the curse of The Killers, that of

“Fifth Planet” shows variety of talent

On Friday, Feb. 7, senior Emma Brayndick presented and performed in David Auburn’s short play “Fifth Planet” as her senior project, acting alongside freshman Jacob Dalton. The play was a combined effort with senior Shallion Dixon directing the production;  Dalton and Brayndick in the two roles, Mike and Veronica; junior Kayleigh Kitzman and sophomore Aiden

Young the Giant’s sophomore effort “Mind over Matter” falls flat musically

Young the Giant released their sophomore attempt “Mind over Matter” on Tuesday, Jan. 21. Unfortunately, the album did not prove to be anything more than just that. While the tracks were completely adequate in sound and melody, none of them stood out as markedly impressive, which is unusual for the band. To be fair, their

Artist Spotlight: Gabriella Guilfoil

You might recognize the name Gabriella Guilfoil from her amazing performance with fellow senior Zoie Reams at the Kaleidoscope concert this past fall. An extremely impressive classical vocalist in her last year of vocal instruction at the Conservatory, Guilfoil says that her original passion was country. “I used to want to be a country music

Lucius release debut “Wildewoman”

Lucius released their debut album “Wildewoman” on Tuesday, Oct. 15. The band “officially” came on the scene last year with their EP “Lucius” (2012) and were almost immediately featured on primetime shows like “New Girl.” The band features female duo Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig on vocals, Dan Molad on drums and Peter Lalish and