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We are not supposed to talk about this: Get out of my vote

Luther Abel – Columnist      In the last couple of months, we have been bombarded with “Did you vote?” banners, notifications and communications from organizations such as Facebook, the bookstore and the neighborhood CBD shop. Instagram will hold your hand as you look to see whether you are registered and send you to the

We are not supposed to talk about this: Supreme Court decisions

Fariba Lale – Columnist     When Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away last month, liberal blue checks took to Twitter, threatening violence and riots should President Trump nominate a replacement before the election, while democratic leadership pointed to Ginsburg’s desire not to be replaced until a new president took office.      Back in 2016,

We are not supposed to talk about this: Introductions

Q: What is it that we’re doing? A: In this column, Luther and I will be offering contrasting perspectives on politics as we approach the general election this November. We will be selecting a different topic every week and writing independently on those topics, rather than directly engaging with or debating each other. I think

First Fabulous Guest – The Lawrentian Podcast

This week Luther and Fariba welcome the incomparable Molly Ruffing ’22 to the podcast. We discuss paper production, pestilence, and pedantry. Thank you to Caro Granner, Clover Austin-Muehleck, Yidi Zhang, Xiaoya Gao, and Moreau Halliburton for sharing their music with us! Find the podcast on Spotify or the Apple Podcast app. Music: “Sweet Girl” by