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Lessons learned from free improv

The other day I was at the Viking Room with junior Liam Fisher talking about free improvisation. The two of us started playing together several months ago, and our musical backgrounds couldn’t be more different. Fisher’s experience comes from playing in jazz and funk bands. My training has been primarily classical. Somehow, our improvisations have

A celebration of the melodica

Have you ever wanted to play an amplified trumpet keyboard? In the summer of 2017, I unwrapped my beloved pink melodica that I had impulsively ordered three days earlier from Amazon Prime. What commenced was a beautiful two years of fun, including performances on my best friend senior Xiaoya Gao’s piano recital, gigs with the

Breathe: Beyond Spectacle A Powerful Meditation

“Someone plays cello underwater?” “A diver?” “Melodica in a kayak?” “How is this possible?” I fielded many of these incredulous questions as I tried to explain “Breathe” to my shocked friends and family who couldn’t believe such a production was possible. To be honest, I could barely believe it myself.  I first heard of “Breathe”