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Seniors gain access to the Main Hall cupola

Between 3 and 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 11, seniors climbed the perilous stairs to the Main Hall cupola. Those who did so were among the first 100 seniors to donate on Giving Day. While in the cupola, seniors signed their names, wrote initials and left drawings.   Photos by Rose Nelson

Contamination: Help

I didn’t expect this. I write to you today from the inside of an old rusty water container that I managed to climb into when their backs were turned. I’m not especially optimistic at this particular moment in time. This story started so dully. I’m trying to write this as lightly as possible so that

Contamination: Speculations

George had downloaded a few too many infected files onto his computer, and now the poor thing was quietly smoking in the corner of the campus IT department. Unfortunately, he still had to do work and so, he was sitting in the computer lab where the editors put together the campus newspaper. They were not

Portraits of Lawrence

How does the café make you feel? “I appreciate that it’s open until midnight and the workers are very kind. I really love the baked goods section.” How much did that cookie cost? “Two dollars, but after a certain time, they’re only one dollar if [the café is not] out of them.” How do you

Foraging in Wisconsin: Restrictive diets on campus

Recent events have caused students campus-wide to take action regarding certain new dining policies at Lawrence that they feel are unfair. For some students on campus, their major food-related struggle is an older one: the struggle of staying properly nourished on a Lawrence meal plan while also following a restrictive diet. These restrictive diets can

Cabaret displays variety of cultures across campus

Hosted by Lawrence International, the 38th annual Cabaret filled the chapel with dance, clothes from around the world, and audience members on the night of Friday, May 9. The event included two fashion shows, two vocal performances and many dance performances. In addition to the many campus groups that Cabaret rallied, it also brought in