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Repeat After Me: Enjoy summer

I have always found summer break to be a really weird time of the year. Some people have incredible internship opportunities, and some people are working 9-to-5 jobs. Some people stay home, while others go on luxurious vacations. Obviously, when we’re all in school together, we’re on a somewhat similar path, but summer break is where our plans diverge. Sometimes the openness summer break has to offer can almost be discouraging. “Am I doing the right thing with my summer, or am I just wasting my time?”

Department of Theatre Arts performs The Domino Effect

The Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts performed The Domino Effect starting on Thursday, May 20. Photo by Alana Melvin. This past weekend the Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts performed their version of The Domino Effect, a play written by Fin Kennedy. The production was directed by Kathy Privatt and stage managed by junior

Repeat After Me: Eat some soup

I have developed a deep and passionate relationship with tomato soup this year. Seriously. This may sound kind of ridiculous, but tomato soup has made me feel better countless times throughout this school year. There is something so fantastically comforting about tomato soup. I know soup can’t save the world, but sometimes something as simple as a bowl of tomato soup makes me feel like I can conquer anything.

Sacred Art of the Sea: A mini art exhibition

Junior Meralis Álvarez-Morales began researching for her mini art exhibition Sacred Art of the Sea. Photo by Sarah Elise Navy. At the beginning of fall term this academic year, junior Meralis Álvarez-Morales started research on her mini art exhibition, Sacred Art of the Sea, with no information on the artists and their work in relation

Repeat After Me: You’re Unavailable

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Repeat After Me: You deserve a break

I think it’s safe to say that everyone is feeling a little more than burnout this week. We’re just over halfway done with the term. The world is starting to feel warm and sunny again. We’re all itching to escape to the outside and run away from our priorities. I’m finding it hard to even wash my dishes at this point. Everything seems to take three times as long as it should.

Repeat After Me: No one hates you

I used to think that repeating affirmations was a really cheesy thing to do. I’ve changed my mind, and you should, too. Let me tell you something I think you need to hear. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with thinking that everyone hates me. I think that the more consumed we are by social media in our technology- based pandemic world, the more insecure we become about ourselves. For me, this transition has been somewhat detrimen- tal, since I’ve always been insecure about myself, with or without the inclusion of social media.

SOUP offers grab-and-go crafts

Freshmen Cat Chu and Charlotte Ho pick up supplies from SOUP’s Adopt a Rock! event. Photo by Alana Melvin On Wednesday, March 31, Lawrence University’s Student Organization for University Programming (SOUP) hosted their Adopt a Rock! event. Due to cam- pus-wide COVID-19 restrictions taking place during the first two weeks of the term, the event