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That Was Lawrence: Wrapping Up

With the start of the new term, I have decided to take a break from writing this column. During my time as Staff Historian for this publication, I have had the distinct pleasure of trolling through the blue-bound volumes of Lawrentian issues past and learning about the place from which I shall graduate in June.

That was Lawrence: Black History and Lawrence (Part 2)

Two weeks ago, this column examined the experiences of Africans and African-Americans during Lawrence’s first century. However, this history seems to be marked by a lack of documentation and an extremely low number of black students. The unnamed black man in last week’s column had the verbal support of his classmates, but did not sit

That Was Lawrence: The Great Midwest Trivia Contest

The May 7, 1966 issue of this publication announced the start of a Lawrence tradition with the headline “Trivia Takes Control For Campus Contest.” James B. deRosset ‘66, the inaugural Master of Trivia, created the contest after he was not selected to go off-campus with a select group of students and faculty. This trip, known

That Was Lawrence: Freshman Studies

The May 11, 1945 issue of The Lawrentian nestled a small article among larger pieces on campus life and the surrender of Nazi Germany, which reported President Nathan Pusey’s announcement of “a new course in the Humanities to be incorporated into the Lawrence College curriculum in September… known as ‘Freshman Studies’.” Pusey, a Harvard man,