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Ask a fifth-year: Choose your health over class

Dear Will, I’m too sick to get out of bed! I’m really worried that it’s going to affect my academic work, so I’m considering just getting up the strength and going to class. Any advice? Strep in Sage   Dear Strep, Let me tell you something that not every student or faculty members realizes here

Ask a fifth-year: Preformance anxiety tips

Dear Will, I’m a freshman performance major and have been struggling a lot with performance anxiety. You have five years of performing experience — any tips? -Trembling in Trever   Dear Trembling, Nobody is going to get up in front of an audience and not have some sort of reaction. Performance anxiety is a completely

Ask a fifth-year: Managing college finances

Dear Will, It’s my second year here at Lawrence and I constantly worry about how I’m going to pay my student bill. I’ve never been very financially independent and I keep relying on my parents to help foot the bill, but it’s becoming more clear that they have less and less to give me. I’m

Ask a fifth-year: Religiously divided roommates

Dear Will, I am a Christian and my roommate is an atheist. We have so far been very friendly with each other and haven’t discussed our beliefs much, but she often makes passing comments about religious people being unreasonable and unintelligent, which tend to offend me. I understand that part of being a liberal arts