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Lawrentians in Contention: Let’s go out with an Earth-shattering “Meh”

In the past few weeks, the spring sun has ushered in an ostensibly positive change to Lawrence University. Around campus, students are slinging Frisbees, tanning like reptiles, forgoing shirts and inhaling their protein on the run thanks to nourishing river flies. They seem happy. But if they’re enjoying the outdoors all the time, how are

Lawrentians in Contention: Registration and anarchy

By now, we’ve all experienced how the first few first days of classes go each term. As we finally choose our classes, professors call names off enrollment lists and drop students until the lists become Swiss cheese. For large classes, placement on a waitlist comes with higher stakes and the process feels more akin to

Lawrentians in Contention: Let them eat vegetables

The healthy options in our café are abysmal. Controversial statement of the year, right? Normally I wouldn’t ruminate on such things—if I’m to be honest my usual orders at Kaplan’s Café consist of some Meat ft. Greasy Side—but in the past few weeks, after several Lawrentians reiterated the point, something clicked. Our café has the

Lawrentians in Contention: Bring your dog to Kohler

Hi, and welcome to a brand new column on Lawrence University issues with a twist. For this inaugural article, I have chosen something near and dear to the hearts of many a Lawrentian: Pets. Many of us left our beloved furballs at home when we came to Lawrence. For some, it was an easy decision;