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Letter from the editor-in-chief

I can still remember the excitement I felt a year ago. Entering our year of leading The Lawrentian, my partner in crime, Amaan Khan, and I had irrepressible passion and drive to accomplish near-impossible goals. We can now reflect on the past year with pride in our accomplishments. Throughout that time, much of our important

Staff Editorial: Religion and spirituality matter, even on a largely secular campus

Following the announcement of a dean for religious and spiritual life, students have questioned the necessity of this new role. In particular, critics have asked if the funds used for this new position could have been better spent elsewhere, such as in the much-needed areas of diversity and inclusion. In addition, many do not see

Staff Editorial: Considering raises in tuition before becoming full need

For the 2016-17 academic year, the comprehensive fee for attending Lawrence University will be $54,498; this is a 2.92 percent increase from last year’s total cost of attendance. On Monday, Feb. 8, President Mark Burstein sent an email announcing this figure to the student body. This much-dreaded annual announcement was met with its usual response

Staff Editorial: We can make a difference in the primaries

After Hillary Clinton was declared the Democratic victor on Monday, Feb. 1, the results of the Iowa caucuses were the center of much debate. Particularly, the fact that several ties that occurred between Democrats Clinton and Bernie Sanders were settled by coin flip confused and angered many. Of the seven coin flips on record via

Staff Editorial: High cost of off-campus study creates an unfair financial obstacle

For many Lawrentians, the opportunity to study abroad is one of the biggest highlights of their four years and achieves the university’s goal of transforming us into globally minded individuals. However, for many students, studying abroad is not a feasible option. While the failure to meet academic requirements is one reason preventing students from going

Staff Editorial: The dilemma of LUCC campaign promises

This past Monday, Lawrence University Community Council’s (LUCC) General Council approved the executive election results, effectively making juniors Max Loebl and Jo-Hanna Rifai president- and vice president-elect respectively. At the conclusion of a lengthy application, campaign and election process, it is appropriate to reflect on what has been brought to the table. When campaigning, LUCC

Staff Editorial: Lawrence’s lack of participation in local politics

Lawrence University prides itself on its ability to mold students into informed citizens and active community members. Lawrence students demonstrated this through volunteerism on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. That type of community engagement both on and off campus suggests that Lawrentians can positively impact the city of Appleton. In one area, though, Lawrence students

Staff Editorial: Creating a safe, inclusive campus community

At the end of last term, a group of students of color released a statement and an attached document on the Lawrence University Committee on Diversity Affairs’s (CODA) Facebook page. This document was comprised of two parts: a list of policy proposals and concerns about specific LU employees. The “List of Demands” generated a torrent of