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Unusual Sports: The art of Cheese-Wheeling

This sport emerged sometime in the 1800’s; the exact location and time is still unknown. Some say that it first originated from “Coopers Hill,” a fort in the ancient Roman empire. It was said that had an affinity for sending objects hurling down a hill — how that turned into Cheese-Wheeling, that is also unknown.

This Week in Sports History: Super Bowl XXIX

Victory in sports is never guaranteed, much less in a high-risk, high-intensity game like American football. No sport is as war-like and, just as in a real battle, the outcome can never be predicted. In the same way, though, the superiority of one all but guarantees a defeat for the other. Super Bowl XXIX, on

Unusual Sports: How “wife-carrying” has its contestants piggy-backing to victory

In today’s world, dominated by technology, we rely heavily on sports for entertainment; classic national sports like football, baseball, and so on dominate in attention and revenue. But what about the sports that aren’t always showcased on a Sunday afternoon? Sports derive from different cultures trying to showcase pride and glory for one’s country, and

A Champion’s Will: How Alabama’s historical effort took home its seventh trophy

Monday saw the final chapter of the 2020-21 Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) college football season, with the Alabama Crimson Tide (13-0) defeating the Ohio State Buckeyes (7-1) in the College Football National Championship by a score of 52-24. Alabama, who entered the game the consensus top team in the nation, played a near-flawless game in

Sports in this Day and Age: Number one goes down, no longer unbeaten and invincible

This column seeks to cover significant current events in the sporting world as it navigates the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. College football provided plenty of memorable games and even more memorable upsets this past week, while several streaks came to a close. Most notable of these, of course, was top-ranked Clemson (7-1) falling to fourth-ranked Notre